14th Annual

Associations Forum National Conference

15 - 16 July 2019, National Convention Centre Canberra


Learning Labs

Each session runs for half an hour and will be held in the exhibition hall. 

Mon 15 July 2019


Morning Tea


Bullying in the Association Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is a matter that all associations must be aware of. Mark Werman will address the following points during this informative learning lab:

      • What is the formal definition of bullying?
      • What is not bullying?
      • What to do if you are bullied
      • Key actions to reduce your association’s legal exposure
      • Conducting an investigation

In partnership with Wentworth Advantage

Mark Werman, Managing Director, Wentworth Advantage


In-House Governance Training

Members seek election to their association Board because of their wish to further the goals of the organisation, not because they love governance. Regardless of the form of an association’s incorporation, all Board Members, Directors, councillors and committee members need to know their legal responsibilities.

Denys Correll will illustrate areas you may not know about governance.

Denys Correll, Manager - Client Services, Associations Forum





At MondoMentor, our global experience and deep local expertise, working with the world’s leading Associations, means we know mentoring for Associations.

Join us for an interactive learning lab experience to uncover how your association can transform through innovation. From insights to round-tables, networking, real-time reporting, messaging and meeting requests.

In partnership with MondoMentor 

Jeromine Alpe, Co Founder & Joint Chief Executive Officer, MondoMentor


Tips for Reviewing Your Constitution

Join this Learning Lab to discuss a suggested process for reviewing your association’s constitution and areas to focus on such as membership structure, board composition and objects/purpose.

Kathy Nguyen, Manager - Client Services, Associations Forum


Afternoon Tea


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is important within any association, especially for the confidence of the Board and staff as to direction. Join John Peacock as he demonstrates how to create a successful association planning day.

John Peacock, Chief Executive Officer, Associations Forum

Tue 16 July 2019


The Next Evolution in Mentoring: HIGH TOUCH MEETS HIGH TECH

When was the last time you had the opportunity to ask someone you trust for advice or tell your story to someone you care about?

Join us for an interactive learning lab experience to uncover how some of Australia’s Associations have implemented mentoring programs to connect and grow their member networks.

In partnership with MondoMentor 

Simone Allan, Co-Founder & Joint Chief Executive Officer, MondoMentor


Morning Tea


Remuneration in Associations: Does Money Really Matter?

Does money really motivate? This is a key question within any organisation. Mark Werman will investigate this question and the following points during this learning lab:

  • Setting up a remuneration strategy for your association
  • Do financial incentive programs work in associations?
  • How to use the Associations Forum/Wentworth Advantage Annual Salary Survey to benchmark your staff

In partnership with Wentworth Advantage 

Mark Werman, Managing Director, Wentworth Advantage


External Reviews

Independent reviews allow a fresh and expert perspective for an organisation that will boost the effectiveness of an association.

Adrian Hart will demonstrate the importance of having an external review and give insight into the process; particularly regarding Associations Forum’s process.

Adrian Hart, Manager - Client Services, Associations Forum



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